Student Advocates Leading Uplifting Decisions

S.A.L.U.D. is developing a number of advocacy efforts to change eating and exercise options in their neighborhoods (where WFC patients shop and live) to decrease obesity, prevent heart disease or diabetes, and to support those struggling with health issues. By changing the environments where people live, shop, and work, it makes it easy and affordable for people to make healthy decisions and supports local businesses who offer healthy options.

Partner with Latino Markets in East Ventura County

Promote Healthy Living

Annual Zumbathon to Promote Heart Health with Clinic Patients

Colored Dots are Placed in Markets to Let Shoppers Know Which Foods are Good for Diabetes and Heart Disease

Loyalty Cards, Newsletters, and Posters are Used by the S.A.L.U.D. Team to Advocate Health and Increase Profitability of the local Market Owners

Students Speak to Middle School ESL Classes About How They Can Help Improve the Health of Their Community

S.A.L.U.D. Students Help Customers Learn How They Can Advocate for Their Own Health

Students Learn Public Speaking Skills and Advocate for Healthy Environments in the Local Community.

Organizing Events to Inform and Empower the Patient Community and Advocate for Health

Students Train Other Groups to Advocate for Their Community and Make it Profitable for Businesses to Support the Health of their Communities