2-Year Teen Healthcare Training & Education Pathways Program

“Learning that our world is bigger than them, bigger than what car they drive, what zip code they live in, or who is dating whom. These students are learning to help other people and give back to their community by making a difference in someone’s life.”

Our Teen Healthcare Pathways Internship Program has four key components:


1. Health Careers & Medical Skills Training

2. Youth Leadership Development

3. Wellness Programs & Education

4. Academic Enrichment & College and Careers Counseling


We have many success stories!


High School Students Who Have
Completed the Program


College Placement


Interns Who Are Children of Our Patient Population

> 50%

Students From 10 Different
Local High Schools

24 Months of Volunteering Completed
By Each Student



Of WFC’s over 80 High School students, over 50% have family members who need WFC for their healthcare needs. Students work side by side with our medical professionals to provide medical health care for people who are low income or uninsured.



The students are assigned patients. For each patient they care for, they take their pulse, measure their respiration, measure their height and weight, take their temperature, and complete a patient history. They present the information to a nurse who makes sure the student is ready to present their patient to the volunteer doctor. The students advocate for their patient and make sure they get all the services they need at the clinic.



Students receive education and develop job skills through hands-on training and mentoring, attending healthcare field trips, participating in college and career counseling, participating in SAT/ACT training, and through job shadowing.



Students help with community outreach through health screenings and community engagement. Helping people in their local community allows the students to see the difference they make and the abilities they have as young people.




Student training includes CPR/First Aid, grand round doctor talks at the end of each clinic night, leadership classes, HIPPA, and much more!




99% of our graduating teens are attending college, over 50% are first in their family to do so.